Hope Springs Eternal

//Hope Springs Eternal

Hope Springs Eternal

Each and every season, all of our teams start 0-0 as we dream this will finally be our year. High school, college, or professional – it makes no difference as to the level. Or the sport. Football, baseball, basketball, and hockey fans all have the same hope, a championship season, whether it’s a repeat of last season’s success or the end of a century of failure. A veteran player may be retiring at the end of the season or a rookie may be trying to find a spot on the roster. It’s an endless cycle for both athletes and fans alike.

Chicago Cub fans may not have to “wait til next year.” The first NFL rookie quarterback to be named the team’s starter this season was drafted in the fourth round. David Ortiz is going out in record fashion. Gary Sanchez came out of nowhere. The Warriors may down as the greatest NBA team ever with the addition of Kevin Durant or be remembered as the biggest bust in league history.

I hope this season will be the one you’ve always dreamed. That’s all we can do when something is completely out of our control. Hope.

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