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“I just can’t imagine them selling for anywhere near what is being reported in an actual auction setting.” – Net54 Member Discussing Early Lucky 7 Find Sales

Our Philosophical Approach

Look around you. The sports card and memorabilia marketplace is saturated with auction houses. In fact, most industries involving high-priced collectibles have the auction format as their primary selling method. Using an auction format should be your last resort, not your first option to sell anything of value. Ask yourself what is the single most valuable item you own, and for most individuals, the answer is your home. When it comes time to sell your home, are you going to automatically auction it to the highest bidder? Of course not. You will list it for sale with a trusted professional who will suggest a listing price based on data analysis and market expertise. Your agent negotiates with potential buyers, fields and reports offers, and eventually sells the property on your behalf. MINT State uses the same fundamental approach to our consignments.

Set Price vs. Auction Format

Let’s assume time is not the most critical factor in selling your collection. For you, perhaps the bottom line is netting the highest possible price and putting the most money in your pocket. In other words, the bottom line is the bottom line. Our philosophical approach is simple: MINT State employs a set price, direct sales method to net our consignors more money and get them paid faster than any auction house or other dealer in the hobby. We must be on to something; one of the world’s leading auction houses has recently decided to break with 250 years of tradition and sell high-value items for set prices online.

The Consignment Process

Consigning to us is easy, and we make the process fun for our consignors by allowing them to have the final say in the list prices for their items. We provide detailed analyses of the consignment, propose list prices, and then submit the report to our consignors for review, input, and final approval. Once approved, MINT State directly contacts want list customers, adds the consigned items to our web site, lists them on eBay using a fixed price format, and if warranted, advertise PSA-graded cards in an issue of the Sports Market Report. Proceeds are disbursed within five business days of a buyer’s cleared payment.

Let’s Get Started

Now that you’ve decided to maximize the value of your collection, you can start the process and fill out the consignment form by clicking here. However, if time is of the essence and you need to liquidate your holdings as quickly as possible, you can learn more about selling to MINT State by clicking here.

Oh, and our response to the Net54 member who posted the above quote?

Exactly our point.

  • Consigning is easy and fun
  • Set price and auction formats
  • Detailed analyses and reports
  • Complete consignor control