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Recent Additions

“Big Ed” Delahanty’s Silver Pitcher Trophy

MINT State Presents the “Holy Grail” of Baseball Memorabilia

Possibly the Oldest Example of a Most Valuable Player Trophy

MINT State is proud to present the “Holy Grail” of sports collectibles, a unique piece of memorabilia that was uncovered earlier this year and recently consigned to us. Entirely new to the hobby, it is a silver pitcher and arguably the first Most Valuable Player (MVP) trophy ever awarded to a major league baseball player.

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The Lucky 7 Find

Family Miraculously Discovers Rare Ty Cobb Baseball Cards Inside a Paper Bag!

MINT State Presents “The Lucky 7 Find”

At a time when significant finds of rare cards with superior eye appeal are feared to be a phenomenon of days long gone, MINT State is privileged to present what is quite possibly the single greatest sports card discovery of all-time: The Lucky 7 Find. A southern family has recently discovered seven T206 Ty Cobb with “Ty Cobb Tobacco” back cards in a paper bag located inside an old house, and through our company, had the cards authenticated and graded by PSA. MINT State also sold the cards on behalf of the family, and you can click here to read about our record-setting sales.

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Past Collections We Have Sold